Mablethorpe and District Motor Club
3 September 2023
Lincolnshire Wolds Vintage Hill Climb
(in partnership with the Rotary Club of Louth)

Supplementary Regulations

[1] Announcement
Mablethorpe and District Motor Club will organise a non-competitive, vintage hill climb on 3 September 2023 at Scamblesby, Lincolnshire. This is a charity fundraising event promoted by the Rotary Club of Louth.

[2] Jurisdiction
This meeting will be held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the
provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), and these Supplementary Regulations.

[3] Permits
Motorsport UK Permit No(s): 132694
Route Authorisation No: EOH001072 Lincolnshire Highways closure notice

[4] Eligibility
The event is open to vehicles made before 1940 and which are road legal. UK Road traffic law
applies to the driving of motor vehicles in this event.

[5] Championships -

[6] Scrutineering/Programme
It is expected that vehicles will be road legal and therefore scrutineering will be light touch on the day, on arrival at the event.

[7] Event Start 
The event will start at 10:00am but vehicles will need to be on site before 09:00am for safety briefings and scrutineering.

[8] Description of Event
This is a non-competitive demonstration hill climb for vehicles manufactured before 1940. It takes place on a section of closed public highway of approximately 0.8 miles in length with average gradient of 8%. It will be run on a Motorsport UK Certificate of Exemption. The event is being promoted by the Rotary Club of Louth and all of the monies raised will be distributed as follows: Distribution is mainly to local good causes identified by the club as well as international emergency appeals. In the past we have supported the Neighbourhood Kitchen, Louth Food Bank, Dementia Awareness, Louth Hospice, LIVES, Lincolnshire Blood Bikers, Lincolnshire Air Ambulance and Womens Refuge, to name just a few. Internationally we routinely support Shelterbox and Aquabox for disaster emergency relief.

[9] Vehicles Starting Positions
This will be allocated on the day. If a vehicle requires push starting, the entrant must notify the organisers and also provide their starting procedure and risk assessment. Push starting must not take place in the paddock area where pedestrians could be injured. Vehicles will run up the hill individually and will then be held at the top before returning down the hill to the paddock. After approximately 10 vehicles have made the uphill run, the marshal team will return the convoy of vehicles back down the hill to the paddock at low speed.

[10] Practicing Requirements
Practicing will not be permitted.

[11] Identification
Identification numbers will not be required by the organisers.

[12] Pits Area

Participating vehicles only (and safety vehicles if required) will be permitted in the paddock area. Separate parking for trailers and support vehicles will be available. No refuelling is permitted on site.

[13] Judges of Fact
n/a for this event.

[14] Television Coverage
n/a for this event.

[15] Awards
n/a for this event.

[16] Entries

The maximum entry for the meeting is 50 and the minimum is 20. Should the minimum figure
not be reached, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event.

[17] Entry List

The entry list opens in June 2023 and closes finally on Friday 1 September 2023.
Entry is via the website:
However, by exception, paper entries may be sent to the Secretary of the meeting, Alan Curtis.
TPWM, Enterprise Centre, Lincoln Way, Louth LN11 0LS.

[18] Entry Fee/Refunds

The Entry Fee is a suggested minimum of £35 per vehicle, to include the driver and one passenger.
All entries must be made on the official form and be accompanied by the entry fee.
If bad weather forces the cancellation of the event prior to 3rd September 2023, refunds will be
processed, less a £10 administration fee, which we will donate to our charities. In the event of
cancellation or curtailment of the meeting on the day, we will not be able to make a refund.

[19] Refusal of Entries

All vehicles taking part in the hill climb must be manufactured before 1940.
Any vehicle deemed to be unsafe by the scrutiniser will not be permitted to take part in the hill


[20] Additional Entry Information
The driver of each car should ensure adequate insurance for their vehicle is in place for this event and the vehicle should road legal and taxed.
National speed limits apply on the closed road section.
Drivers must follow the verbal instructions of the marshals at all times.

[21] Nomination of Drivers
All drivers to be nominated on the entry form at the time of entry.

[22] Postponement/Cancellation

In the unlikely event of a cancellation due to prolonged bad weather before the event, we will arrange to refund all categories of paid-for tickets, but as this is a charity fund-raising event, we would ask to retain a minimum donation for each category of paid tickets to cover the cost of our insurance and other pre-event costs. (Please see the examples below.)

Covid-19. It is no longer possible to arrange cancellation insurance cover in respect of pandemic. Should there be new national guidelines which prevent us putting on the event, we would look to review our costs and make every effort to give refunds in line with the examples below.

Regrettably we will not be able to offer refunds should we be forced to cancel the event once it has started. Again, this would only be the case of very bad weather, some other serious incident, or other act beyond our control.

Motorsport by its very nature can be dangerous, so in the event of a serious incident involving the hill climb, this element of the event could be cut short. Refunds would not be possible in this situation and we would hope the rest of the static event could continue in any case.

In the past when we have had to cancel Rotary events due to the pandemic, our supporters have been very generous, particularly when all the profits from a planned event are going to charity - so you would also have the option to continue with your full donation in any case.

Refund examples:

  • General admission ticket £5, we will refund £3.
  • Static display ticket £10, we will refund £5.
  • Hill Climb entry £35, we will refund £25.
  • Hill Climb entry £60, we will refund £50.

[23] Officials
Official Name
Secretary of Meeting: Alan Curtis (Rotary Club of Louth)
Clerk(s) of the Course: TBC

Deputy - Mick Smith, Mablethorpe & District Motor Club

Chief Scrutineer: TBC
Club Steward(s): Lynne Kendall

[24] Provisional Results
n/a for this event

[25] Results
n/a for this event

[26] Protests
n/a for this event

[27] Parc Fermé
n/a for this event

[28] Other Requirements/Information/GDPR Policy Reference:
We will comply with GDPR legislation and reserve the right to hold contact information for future event communications.